how long does resin last?

under the right care resin pieces can last for years!

how do I take care of my resin goods?

store them out of sunlight (sunlight can cause yellowing) and keep them dry as much as possible

how do I clean my resin piece?

use a microfiber cloth to give your pieces a light polish, you can also use water and dish soap!

how does pick up work?

when your order is ready I will send you an email you can reply to that email or dm me on instagram (notsphiwe) to arrange when you can pick your order up

where do you ship to?

right now shipping will be just to canada and usa

do you offer tracking for orders?

at this time tracking for orders is not available

how soon do you send out orders?

your orders will be sent out within 2-4 business days of your order

do you offer clip-ons?

I do! when making your order please include in the order notes that you would like clip on’s unfortunately the clip on option is not available for the hoop earrings

what do if I have a problem with my resin piece?

I am committed to providing quality service if you have any problems please contact me at notsphiwe@gmail.com